Monday, March 12, 2012

My Sweet Canary Ensemble: Honoring Roza Eskenazi

This Wednesday, March 14, the Central Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas will be hosting the U.S. premier of the multi-national tribute to Greek Jewish singer Roza Eskenazi. Known as the "Queen of Greek Rebetiko", Eskenazi will be honored for her tremendous vocal contributions in this extraordinary musical journey. The concert ensemble was inspired by Roy Sher's film My Sweet Canary, which chronicles the story of Eskenazi's life. Famous musicians from Greece, Israel, and Turkey were gathered together to create the concert ensemble, featuring acclaimed female vocalists and unique interpretations of Eskenazi's music. The concert ensemble has already performed in Jerusalem, Ankara, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

Eskenazi's Rebetiko style is world-renowned, and her inspiration for Greek, Israeli, and Turkish music has lasted well after her death, 30 years ago. For more information on the film and touring concert ensemble, please visit:

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