Friday, March 16, 2012

Holomontas Mountain: Crossing the Land of Aristotle

Although Halkidiki's turquoise waters and Mount Athos usually steal the spotlight, the peninsula's northern area is a treasure trove of extraordinary beauty and rich history. Holomontas Mountain, in particular, is known for its wide variety of wildlife, including large populations of eagles, falcons, and condors. The area was granted international protection status under the EU Natura 2000 program, since it is such an important birdlife area. With a landscape of valleys and canyons, Holomontas is idea for hiking and mountain biking. Visitors who choose to drive instead will also enjoy an enchanting drive through Holomontas. The mountain's numerous driving routes afford the visitor breathtaking views and a chance to visit traditional villages and landmark sites.

Some highlights include the idyllic village of Agios Prodromos, known for its meat delicacies, as well as the mountain town of Taxiarchis, home to Byzantine-era montasteries. The most-visited spot, however, is Stageira, the birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle and an important city of the Classical period. At Stageira, there is an exceptional archeological site, which features an acropolis, remains of fortifications, an ancient temple, and remnants of Classical and Hellenistic period homes. Legend also has it that it is also the final resting place of Aristotle himself.

Source: Greek News Agenda

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