Friday, April 7, 2017

  Cordially Invites You

To the first ever ‘Ancient Dinner’, a private dinner in an intimate setting inspired by the Ancient Greek Symposia at IRON GATE, one of Washington’s very best historic restaurants.
Jerolyn E. Morrison, Ph.D., an archeologist and potter will present “Minoan Tastes”, a cultural and culinary exploration featuring ancient flavors from the land, sea and sky of the Greek island of Crete.
She will illustrate the culinary history of Minoan Crete by serving a meal created in collaboration with Iron Gate’s Chef Anthony Chittum. The ancient inspired dishes will be cooked in clay pots and served in Minoan-style hand-made cooking vessels using food ingredients available during the Minoan period (ca. 3000-5000 BCE).

Minoan Feast Menu Highlights:
1st course
Sesame crusted feta, vin cotto, honey.
Spring pea bruschetta, Iron Gate’s sourdough, ricotta, torn spearmint.
Braised wild greens, meyer lemon, olive oil, crispy garlic.
Brown lentils flavored with coriander and honey and topped off with fresh olive oil and sea salt
2nd course
Pork slow cooked and tossed with cracked wheat and wild Cretan sage.
Octopus and wild onions simmered in wine and flavored with honey and herbs
Castle valley grains flatbread, oregano, kefalotyri.
3rd course
Sheep’s milk yogurt, dried fruit, almond, local honey.

Join us for the ultimate dining and cultural experience!
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