Thursday, April 19, 2012

Producer and Actress Rita Wilson Reflects on Pascha

Rita Wilson, producer, actress, and wife of actor Tom Hanks is also well-known in Greek circles for producing the blockbuster film My Big Fat Greek Wedding. In a recent article for the "On Faith" section of The Washington Post, Wilson discusses her feelings about Pascha (Greek Orthodox Easter). She begins her article first by clarifying the differences between Easter as celebrated by most Western churches and Pascha as celebrated by the Greek-Orthodox (and other Orthodox denominations). Wilson talks about the importance of preparing for this very revered holiday by fasting and attending church services, two activities which many Greeks and Greek-Americans know very well. She recounts one particularly amusing anecdote in which her children were debating whether or not a certain soft drink qualified as a 'soda', since they had decided to fast from soda for Lent.

Wilson's light-hearted though profound perspective on the celebration of Pascha in America is one that is familiar to many of us. To read the full article, please click below:

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