Thursday, April 19, 2012

Father-Son Traveling Duo Follow the Steps of Odysseus

Several years ago, retired research scientist Jay Mendelsohn decided to take a class on Homer's The Odyssey, taught by his son Professor Daniel Mendelsohn. The class sparked a desire by both father and son to return to Greece to follow Odysseus's journey. They began their journey in Turkey, in what used to be known as the city of Troy, and then continued to visit the various sites throughout the Mediterranean where Odysseus is thought to have traveled. Though they were on a cruise ship with about eighty other passengers, the father-son pair still managed to meet some Homer-esque characters, including a Dutch man who had been injured and survived a long recovery period by reading Homer's works. All in all, the trip was a momentous one for both Jay and Daniel, particularly since it was their last trip together. Jay Mendelsohn died on April 6, 2012. His son Daniel, who recounted the experience in the April issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine, will forever remember this trip as his intrepid father's final Odyssey.

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