Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Rocker of the Rock of Ages

Washington DC: 
Constantine Maroulis made a visit to the Greek embassy this afternoon. He met with Dr. Zoe Kosmidou, Minister Counselor of Cultural Affairs, and her team of outstanding interns, Irene Cavros, Gregory Fat and Olav Goelet to discuss his current project Rock of Ages, his future plans and his thoughts on promoting Greek culture in the U.S. Having grown up in a Greek household, having attending Greek orthodox school, and being involved with the Hellenic Scholarship Fund, Leadership 100 as well as other organizations, Constantine Maroulis feels a strong bond with the Greek community in the United States and hopes to continue to spread awareness of Greek culture.

Following his discussion concerning the promotion of Greek culture with Dr. Kosmidou, he expressed interest in working with the Pillars of Greek Culture, a developing non-profit organization headed by the Greek Embassy in Washington D.C. After discussing project ideas in the arts, Constantine Maroulis seemed excited to be a part of this newly forming organization. The Pillars of Greek Culture looks forward to creating a relationship with this talented and enthusiastic artist.


Connie said...

How come the Greek media in Greece do not promote him.? Greeks haven't ever heard o him. Greece should be very proud of their own no matter what country they live in.

Connie said...

How come the Greek media doesn't promote him??? No one in entertainment knows him in Greece. Greece should be proud of their own no matter what country they a re from or live in. Constantine was and is always promoting his Greek heritage and is proud of it. What about the Greeks in Greece?????