Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Healthy Eating in Greece

It was Hippocrates who first stated “let food be thy medicine.” Although that was over 2,000 years ago, the Greeks today follow the same philosophy as their ancestors did. There are reasons for the healthy lifestyle that Greeks lead, and a major contributor to that is what they choose to nourish their bodies with. Rather than eating red meat for most meals, the Greeks rely on seafood as a major source of nutrition. Similarly, they enjoy fresh vegetables as a major component of their meals. The use of olives and olive oil is a staple in most Greek cuisine. Similarly, rather than serving meals in portions that can feed a small army, like most of the United States is known for, meals are given in an assortment of smaller dishes that are meant to be shared with the entire group. Statistically it is evident that Greeks have a more stable and healthier diet as obesity rates are roughly one in five while in the United States they have reached heights of one in three. The article written in Travel+Leisure Magazine, titled Healthy Eating in Greece, provides prime locations for exquisite eating when traveling in Greece, from Athens to the island of Crete.

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Source: Travel+Leisure Magazine

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Jess K. said...

Greece is probably one of the most favourable places to eat healthy :D I fell in love with the country three years ago (and not only because of its cuisine) when I first went there for a regular holiday tour. Since then I visited it 7 times and I'm planning to settle there actually. They have special Greece investor visas they make you a citizen of Greece if you buy property. Can't wait to make my dream come true, will go to viewings next month (fingers crossed)