Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red Sky Movie Screening

The Embassy of Greece
in collaboration with the Greek Film Center
(Kokkinos Ouranos)

Directed by Layia Yiourgou

SynopsisTwo close friends, Aris and Stelios, have their minds on a mutual goal: they "immigrate" to the south of Greece and together they begin a banana greenhouse business in Crete. There they live secluded in a house by the countryside, with a magnificent view of the Libyan Sea and their sole amusement  being Angeliki's nearby tavern.

This is a place where mostly foreign tourists arrive, drawn like magnets by the magic of the unknown, red African horizon. Determined to keep women out of their lives, the friends are unfriendly towards the newly arrived Cordoba, a friend of Aris' sister who lives and works in Germany. Stelios, after going on a casual stroll with her in the island's market, will end up going to bed with her in a mood of recklessness that "suits" summer affairs.

 But this "one night stand" will develop into a relationship and lead to Cordoba moving in the house the two friends share. Feeling antagonistic, mostly towards Stelios, Aris finds himself flirting with Cordoba. In his own way, being quite the opposite of Stelios, he fascinates her and finally wins her erotic interest as Cordoba finds in each one of them elements she is looking for in a man's personality. This split in her desire and the hesitation to decide will trigger the crash between Aris and Stelios. What follows will put their friendship to the test and will overturn balances between them.

More information about the movie:

The Avalon Theatre
5612 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20015

BUY TICKETS: http://boxoffice.printtixusa.com/avalon/advance?i=12770

For more information and next screenings visit: http://www.theavalon.org/programs-events/panorama-of-greek-cinema/

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