Monday, February 27, 2012

Carnival Season (Apokries) Comes to an End

As the Carnival season, called Apokries in Greek, drew to an end, it culminated this past weekend in a number of festivals and parades across Greece. Kozani in the western Macedonia region hosts one of the most spectacular folklore carnivals in all of Northern Greece. The citizens of Kozani organize huge bonfires, called Fanoi, to illuminate the city. Mezedes and wine abound, and Kozanites play pranks on each other and dance the traditional Enteka ("Eleven") dance. The Enteka dance was the last to be heard and danced during the Ottoman occupation because it was prohibited for Greeks to congregate after eleven o'clock at night.

Carnival festivities are not limited to Kozani, however. The Patras Carnival is a world-famous celebration which involves parades, masquerade parties, and children's events. Food, music, and dancing for the two weeks of Apokries help Greeks to prepare for the forty days of fasting and somber anticipation of Easter.

Source: The Greek News Agenda

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