Monday, September 5, 2011

Have You Visited the Islands of Greece Yet?

Both CNN and travel website have recently touted the wonders of Greece's islands. Whether you enjoy sunbathing, cycling, water sports, walking, gastronomy, or history, the 2,000 islands of Greece have something for you! compiled a list of which islands are best for which activity. While popular destinations such as Crete and Rhodes are among the islands mentioned, there are also several lesser-known islands highlighted in the list.

For sunbathers:
Crete, Lipsi, Skiathos, Kefallonia, Mykonos
- recommends Frangokastello Beach in Crete for its picturesque setting next to a Venetian castle, as well as Koukounaries Beach in Skiathos.

For history buffs:
Rhodes, Delos, Corfu, Patmos
- Rhodes is known for its medieval walled city which boasts the 14th-century Palace of the Grand Masters. On the island of Patmos, visitors can see the grotto where Saint John penned the Book of Revelation.

For walkers and hikers:
Crete, Naxos, Alonnisos, Skopelos
- In Naxos, walking enthusiasts can follow paths through the countryside passing ancient ruins, Hellenistic architecture, and Byzantine churches. Hikes through Alonnisos and Skopelos lead adventurers through wooded forests and idyllic orchards.

For the environmentally conscious:
Zakynthos, Chios, Crete
These three islands promote eco-tourism and vacations that combine relaxation with environmental activism. In Zakynthos, visitors can volunteer with the Sea Turtle Protection Society to help preserve endangered wildlife.

So when planning your next getaway, consider maritime Greece, where there is sure to be an activity for everyone. Visit: to read the full article and to get more ideas for your next vacation!

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