Saturday, May 21, 2011

Learn Greek in Greece!

Learning a foreign language is always easier, faster, and more exciting when in the country of origin. Learning Greek is no different. Whatever your skill level or area of interest - ancient Greek, Biblical Greek, or modern Greek - there is a language learning program in Greece that is right for you! Learning to speak Greek in Greece may offer you an invaluable insight into modern everyday life in the country and its culture, as well as an opportunity to spend a few unforgettable weeks on a dreamy island.

University of Thessaloniki: The University of Thessaloniki offers year-round courses in Greek as a foreign language. The school offers courses in Greek language and culture to foreign students, as well as to students of Greek origin, who intend to study Greek in higher education institutions or to familiarize themselves with Greece's history and culture.

Culture Centre on Lesvos Island: Through its AEOLIS project, the Hellenic Culture Centre offers Greek language courses to foreigners. The institute organizes summer language courses on the island of Lesvos, which begin on June 13.

"Alexander the Great" Language School: The "Alexander the Great" Hellenic Language School offers courses to foreigners with either business or scientific backgrounds. The school has branches in Thessaloniki and Chania in Greece, in Sophia and Plovdiv in Bulgaria, in Skopjie in FYROM, and Tirana, Albania. The school is active all throughout the year, and this year's summer school program in Greece begins on June 6.

The Greek House in Athens: The Greek House in Athens is a center for Hellenic culture and language and offers classes and private lessons throughout the year.

College Year in Athens and Paros Island: The College Year in Athens is a study-abroad program focused on Greek history and civilization, offering foreign students university-level courses on Greece and the eastern Mediterranean world.

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