Friday, March 11, 2011

A New Spin on Greek Cuisine

Moussaka with ice cream tomato; Greek salad using tomato sorbet, feta mousse, cucumber caviar, pureed olives and creamed onion; oven-roasted chickpeas with sour orange and rosemary; monkfish with mastic (mastiha) liquor cream from the Aegean island of Chios and braised garfish with fava bean mousse.

These are some of dishes that a new generation of Greek chefs produce, based on fine local ingredients, traditional cooking recipes, and plenty… of imagination. "A new generation of talented chefs who have taken over the Athens restaurant scene and are enriching Greece's culinary heritage with a spin on traditional favorites," writes Christine Pirovolakis, in an article in Wall Street Journal titled Not Your Typical Greek Salad.

Many of the chefs chronicled in the article studied in kitchens and cooking schools around the world, but returned to their roots in Greece to create innovative, yet traditional Greek dishes. The culinary delights that they create show undoubted international influence, but because they use fresh, native ingredients, each specialty is uniquely Greek.

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Source: Greek News Agenda

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